Get Whiter Teeth Naturally – The Most Common Drinks & Foods That Stain Teeth…

foods that stain teethCorrect oral hygiene is of course the most important thing if you want to naturally get whiter teeth, but here is some more very important advice…

Be careful what you eat and drink. Certain food & drinks can change the colour of your teeth. If you want to protect your white smile then read on to find out the most common drink and foods that stain teeth.

Avoid or Limit the Following Food & Drinks For Natural Teeth Whitening:

Coffee — It isn’t the dark colour of coffee that causes the teeth to stain, but other factors like caffeine and the roughness of the drink on your enamel. If the enamel is weakened this allows the colour from the coffee to penetrate the surface, causing the unattractive yellow colour.

Curry — A spice that is abundant in Indian food and other exotic dishes also causes the discolouration of your teeth. Excessive consumption is likely to turn teeth yellow over time. Due to its high staining factor, curry is something you will want to limit in your overall diet.

Berries — Provide excellent health benefits, such as natural antioxidants, but unfortunately they also have the potential to stain the teeth. The deep colour in blueberries, raspberries and blackberries in particular can cause staining. These berries, either in juice form or processed as jellies and jam can also cause staining on your teeth.

Smoking  The nicotine and tar in cigarettes slowly builds up on your teeth over long periods allowing the yellow colour to slowly penetrate below the surface and stain the teeth. The longer you smoke, the more you’ll see that horrible yellow colour.

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