HARVEY & COCO Teeth Whitening Kit: An Easy-To-Use Home Teeth Whitening System With Professional And Long-Lasting Results

Why Harvey and CoCo Home Teeth Whitening Kit Is So Effective

natural teeth whitening1.It uses the very latest in peroxide free whitening gel technology. Gently lifts stains such as coffee, red wine, tobacco and general ageing using their unique whitening accelerator spray…

2.While remaining 100% SAFE with ZERO SENSITIVITY or discomfort, completely safe for teeth and gums (even when swallowed). Clinically tested and certified to strict UK standards.

Each Home Teeth Whitening Kit by Harvey & CoCo includes:

  • 10 x Pre-Whitening Oral Finger Wipes
  • 5ml Teeth Whitening Accelerator Spray
  • 2 x 5ml Specialist Teeth Whitening Gel (10 x 30 minute treatments)
  • 2 x Easy-To-Mould ‘Thermo’ Teeth Whitening Trays
  • Detailed User Guide with Aftercare Advice
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Harvey & CoCo Teeth Whitening is Easy-To-Use and Only Takes 30 minutes!

teeth whitening in just 30 minutesThe Harvey and CoCo Home Teeth Whitening Kit is so Simple to prepare and apply.  In just 4 easy steps you will be on your way to that Celebrity Smile that you deserve:

  1. Dip trays in hot water & mould to your teeth, add the teeth whitening gel to the trays.
  2. Spray whitening accelerator onto an oral finger wipe and scrub teeth for 60 seconds.
  3. Immediately insert both trays with teeth whitening gel and leave for 30 minutes.
  4. Rinse with water.

So in the same time it takes you to watch your favourite TV programme, you will be well on your way to achieving Whiter Teeth and it will be life changing:

teeth whitening

(Before & After – Results From Harvey & Coco Teeth Whitening Kit, Get Yours Here)

Best of All: Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

harvey and coco guaranteeIn the unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, HARVEY & COCO offer a 100% refund guarantee.

They promise to give you that Celebrity Smile you’ve always longed for or they’ll give you your money back.

The only way they are able to offer a guarantee like that, is because it works!

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What others are saying about Harvey & CoCo’s Teeth Whitening Kit…

“I have only had the first treatment and can see results immediately, teeth are naturally white afterwards, i am really looking forward to the next treatment and the final result. the product was working. the directions to use the teeth whitening gel are clear and easy to follow. The package also includes aftercare advice which is very handy. Delivery is fast and packaging is very good.” – Elana C

“Pleasantly surprised! Im on my 8th treatment (2 left in kit) and the results are fantastic. My teeth were stained from poor diet and smoking over the past 28 years. I highly recommend the Harvey & CoCo teeth whitening kit to anyone who wants to freshen up their smile. Big thumbs up from me!” – Marcus M

“Being skeptical at first as other home teeth whitening kits in the past have been terrible, this product put my doubts at ease. Have seen great results after only a few days of using! Highly recommend to anyone wanting quality in a product. Thankyou Harvey and CoCo!” – Rob C

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Final Verdict: Is the Harvey & CoCo Teeth Whitening Kit Worth It?

Answer: Yes!is harvey and co teeth whitening worth it

And here’s why:

Their teeth whitening gel contains ZERO peroxide…

They promise professional and long lasting results…

Whiter Teeth will boost your confidence massively…

Acts as a much cheaper alternative to expensive dental treatments.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

If You’re Serious About Teeth Whitening At Home? Then Act Now…

Because the quicker you TAKE ACTION, the sooner you could have a Fresher, Cleaner, Whiter smile just like this:

get whiter teeth

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This report is emailed to your email address when you order and is packed with shocking facts about everyday foods that cause staining, common teeth staining mistakes (and the solutions), celebrity tricks/secrets to get whiter teeth and important aftercare advice on maintaining the whiteness of your smile!

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HARVEY & COCO Home Teeth Whitening Kit F.A.Q

Q: What does the kit contain?
A: Each kit contains 10ml (10 x treatments) of the sophisticated ‘Pro-Gel’ peroxide free whitening gel, 2 x Thermo Trays, 5ml Whitening Accelerator Spray, 10 x Oral Finger Wipes and full detailed instructions with aftercare advice.

Q: How do you perform the treatment?
A: A full detailed user guide is included, but in brief simply mold the gum shields to your teeth using warm water and apply the gel to the tray ready for application. Open a finger wipe, spray 2 x squirts of the Whitening Accelerator Spray onto the finger wipe and rub the front of your teeth (top and bottom) for 60 seconds. After 60 seconds, immediately insert the gum shields (loaded with gel) and leave in for 30 minutes. When finished, rinse mouth with water.

Q: How often do you perform the treatment?
A: Perform 1 treatment per day, or every other day (no more than 1 per day) for best results. For your first kit purchased, try to use the 10 treatments as close together as possible.

Q: How long do the results last?
A: This varies from person to person, depending on your diet and lifestyle. Results typically last around 6-9 months.

Q: Does the gel damage your enamel?
A: Your enamel has thousands of ‘pores’ (very similar to your skin) which is where stain particles collect, eventually turning your teeth a dull yellow. Our unique ‘Pro-Gel’ safely lifts the staining from within these pores without affecting your enamel or making you sensitive. The gel is 100% safe to use, even when swallowed (but try not to).

Q: Will my teeth become stained more easily after using the kit?
A: No. After 6-9 months (longer for some people), your teeth will start to gradually return to their ‘natural’ shade, as they were before you used the kit. There is no increased risk of staining.

Q: I have really sensitive teeth, can I use this kit?
A: Yes, it is peroxide free and ideal for those with sensitive teeth.

Q: Why does a dentist charge £400 for this treatment?
A: A number of reasons. The dentist will most probably take an impression of your teeth and then send it off to a lab to create custom fit whitening trays (expensive, and not 100% necessary to achieve good results). You are also paying for the dentists time and expertise. The gel’s/procedure’s used are often typically the same or very similar to what is found within this kit.

Q: What is the difference between this kit and ‘laser’ whitening?
A: During ‘laser’ whitening a strong chemical is manually painted on the front surface of the teeth and an LED ‘laser’ light is held over the mouth to speed up the ‘cleaning’ action of the gel (saving time). Laser whitening can be dangerous due to the risk of the heat from the LED laser damaging the nerves within your teeth, and also the strong chemicals damaging the enamel.

Q: What sort of stains will this kit erase?
A: The kit is highly effective on all types of staining including coffee, tobacco, red wine, discolouration from medication, and also from general ageing. Whitening your teeth makes you look younger, feel more confident and healthier in general.

Q: Does it work on false teeth (caps, crowns and veneers)?
A: The gel within our kits will lift any staining from the surface of the cap/crown/veneer and take it back to it’s original colour when first fitted. Patients with a mixture of natural and false teeth should monitor results after each treatment. Typically false teeth are ‘whiter’ than natural teeth, so if a patient uses a kit it will bring the natural teeth level with the shade of the false teeth. The gel is completely safe and will not affect the ‘cement’ used to secure caps, crown or veneers in place.

Q: My friend told me that only peroxide whitening kits work, is this true?
A: No. Advances in technology now means that non-peroxide whitening gel’s have become a LOT more effective. In tests we found that our ‘Pro-Gel’ peroxide free whitening gel, when combined with our powerful Pre-Whitening Accelerator Spray, achieved better results than most peroxide gels, without the pain or sensitivity. Peroxide kits can leave you with sore/burnt gums and severe sensitivity that can last for weeks.

Q: Who can use this kit?
A: Anyone over the age of 18 with good oral health can use our product. You should not use any whitening products if you are pregnant, lactating, have gum/periodontal disease, or suffer from generally poor oral health. If you suspect you have a dental issue, please see your dentist. Keep out of reach of children. If you have any questions regarding your oral health, please consult your dentist.

Q: Which ingredients are used to create the whitening gel and accelerator spray?
A: We only used CE approved ingredients within this product.